Where you go to college is important, but it should not stop your dream of becoming a physician.

While it may seem amazing to attend an Ivy League institution (or similar institution with an strong academic reputation), if your GPA at is low then you are not really helping your case for acceptance to medical school. For schools that are less competitive, having a high GPA is great, but it may hold as much weight when compared to the same GPA at a more competitive place. So what’s the answer?

The bottom line is no matter where you go, you must do well.

1) Always go to the best college that you can get into. BE SURE to make the effort to do well – that’s where being strategic from the start comes in.
2) If you go to a school that is less competitive, again, you must make every effort to do well. You need to show the admissions committee that you are capable of doing the work.

So don’t face your studies with hang-ups about the name on the buildings – do your best and get the job done!