Most books will give you a checklist of things to: get good grades, get good test scores, and complete extracurricular activities. In my book, I challenge students to actually think about the qualities that are needed to become a physician. Get the advantage – I share important information that you won’t find anywhere else!

As you navigate the road to medicine, you have to have a plan.

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Featured Courses

The medical school admissions process is unique in that the interview is CRITICAL.  Good grades and perfect MCAT scores are not a guarantee of acceptance! Take this course to prepare for the interview process – get the scoop on everything from what to wear to how you should deal with tough questions.  This course also includes a 45-minute video-conference mock interview with me!

Have you struggled a lot as a pre-med or pre-health student? Or received bad grades or low MCAT scores? This course is for you. In this course I review the steps you must take to best position yourself success in the admissions process.

The information in this course is the MOST REQUESTED from students.

Finding good mentorship is an important part of being successful in your pursuit of medicine. In this course, I review how to network, how to get a good mentor, how to craft a winning resume (especially for awards and scholarships) and how to find shadowing experiences.

Performing well on tests and exams is at the foundation of any career in healthcare.

Take this course to learn about ways to improve your study skills, take better notes, become efficient, and maximize your retention of the study material.